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Your BOC-3 Filing, Right Away
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Pricing Per State

We know how complicated it can be to complete the requirements for your commercial auto business. That's why we make it as easy as possible to help you file your BOC-3 form!
Remember, the FMCSA requires that you have a process agent in every state that you travel through or do business in.  
Your BOC-3 form includes the names and addresses of these agents. 

To submit your order and file a BOC-3 form with us, we only charge you $25! Then, whenever an agent receives a state court or legal document for you or your company, we'll get you the information in that document. However, there is a specific fee that you'll need to pay in order to receive the information from the process agent.
Since those fees vary from state to state, we have outlined them here for your convenience:

Alabama $50
Alaska $115
Arizona $90
Arkansas $100
California $125
Colorado $50
Connecticut $75
Delaware $50
Florida $50
Georgia $50
Hawaii $75
Idaho $50
Illinois $75
Indiana $75
Iowa $95
Kansas $50
Kentucky $50
Louisiana $50
Maine $75
Maryland $100
Massachusetts $100
Michigan $50
Minnesota $95
Mississippi $50
Missouri $105
Montana $50
Nebraska $50
Nevada $125
New Hampshire $50
New Jersey $100
New Mexico $50
New York $85
North Carolina $50
North Dakota $115
Ohio $85
Oklahoma $105
Oregon $100
Pennsylvania $100
Rhode Island $100
South Carolina $105
South Dakota $50
Tennessee $100
Texas $80
Utah $75
Vermont $105
Virginia $100
Washington $105
Washington, DC $50
West Virginia $50
Wisconsin $90
Wyoming $125