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Welcome! Looking to file your BOC-3? Let us help you!

Designation of Agents for Service of Process

Do you own or operate commercial vehicles for your business? We know how difficult the process can be to obtain all the requirements and make sure your commercial vehicle can legally operate on the road. The BOC-3 (Designation of Agents for Service of Process) is one of the requirements to secure operating authority and maintain an active interstate operating status! In fact, all truckers for hire, brokers, or freight forwarders must have a BOC-3 form filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) before their Authority will be issued. And, only a process agent has the authority to file BOC-3 form. You’ve come to the right place with BOC-3 Process Agents! We are listed on the FMCSA Process Agents list under our corporation name, #1 A BOC-3 Filing Inc., with the best to offer our clients.

What do we bring to you?

No Hidden Fees:
When submitting your order, there is only a $40.00 charge and you’ll have your BOC-3 form posted in two minutes! For the exact costs of forwarding you the documents received by our agents from each state are outlined here. And, we do not charge annual fees since the FMCSA does not require us to file this form annually. There are no hidden fees with us! Real Agents in Every State:
We have real, professional process agents in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia waiting to help you. These process agents are your representatives! They receive state court or legal documents if anything comes up with your company, and then we get you the information. This makes things easier for you on the road! Easy Access to your Documents:
We do our very best to provide you with the information from your documents in a timely fashion! We will contact you by email, follow up with you by phone, and even use certified mail (with signature required) if the other methods don’t prove effective. In fact, we also keep your documents on file, so you can access your information from us at any time. Dedicated Customer Service:
We can answer your questions and clarify any information for you! You can call us during our regular business hours Monday-Saturday 7:30am – 5:00pm (PST) or email us at any time.

Are you a filing or insurance company?

Let us help you file your clients’ BOC-3 Forms! Apply for our Corporate Package

Quick Facts about the BOC-3 Requirements

BOC-3 Form

What exactly is a BOC-3 form? The “BOC” stands for “blanket of coverage.” A BOC-3 form gives your carrier, truckers for hire, brokers, or freight forwarders a legal presence in any state where they operate. In addition, a BOC-3 is also required in order to activate or reinstate an MC or FF number that has been revoked.

BOC-3 Process Agent

The FMCSA requires that you have a process agent in every state that you travel through or do business in. Your BOC-3 form includes the names and addresses of these agents. The FMCSA requires that one copy of the form be held by the carrier or broker at its principal place of business. Only a process agent is entitled to accept service of legal documents on behalf of your company.

BOC-3 Filing

All BOC-3 filings received during normal business hours are usually filed in two minutes! Once our agents electronically file the BOC-3 with the FMCSA, it immediately shows on their system. Then, we create a BOC-3 form with your information and provide you either an electronic copy (in .pdf format) for your records (or a printout copy upon request).

We Are Here For You!

We have years of experience working in the trucking industry and know all the ins and outs. Our agents will walk you through the process and make sure you have everything you need to legally operate. Filing BOC-3 with us is easy and stress-free! Let us do all the hard work so you can get your business up and running on the road!

Call our office today at (855) 438-2623 for help with your BOC-3! Let our BOC-3 Process Agents help you with all the BOC-3 filings for your commercial auto business.